Resource Maps:

Although there is not one agreed upon definition of recovery in the field, there is agreement, that recovery requires diverse social supports in the community. Montcalm RISC recognizes that recovery is a personal journey and there are many pathways to get there. To help individuals and families in recovery, we have compiled over 700 recovery resources accessible to Montcalm County. We are committed to developing a system of supports that is holistic and flexible to meet the unique set of needs for each individual served.

The resources are organized into four main categories: Emotional, Affiliation, Instrumental, and Informational. Clicking on one of the main categories will display a map of resources specific to that category's subcategories. In this way, resources can be viewed by area of the county to find those that are most conveniently located.

Clicking on the pin will provide detailed information about the resource. You also have the option to visit the resource's website or get driving directions to the site if you click within the resource details for the pin.

You may also click on the pin subcategory (e.g., food) at the bottom of the map so that the map only displays resources of this type.

A list of the resources also is available by scrolling below the map or viewing the full word document here: Resource Mapping Directory. For further instructions on using the map, click here: Resource Mapping Presentation.

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A summary of the resource categories is below. One map exists for each of the four main categories. So, if you wish to find a food pantry, for example, visit the Instrumental map and you will find food pantries listed. You may click on the food pin at the base of the map to only display food pantries. Clicking on the pin will show you the details of each resource.


Affiliation Supports
Emotional Supports
Informational Supports
Instrumental Supports