Stategic Planning Participants:

In the summer of 2011, participants from Montcalm County participated in an initial brainstorming session to identify what important aspects should be included in a RISC model. In addition, during the winter of 2012, focus groups were held with recovery people and agency providers to add dimension to the original session results. From this information, were developed and submitted to RCA to begin a strategic planning initiative. Identifying a mix of over 20 service providers and people in recovery, the first planning meeting took place on July 17, 2012. This planning team met every other week through September 25, 2012. A list of participants is provided below.

Adrianne Bentley
Ionia-Montcalm Adult Treatment Drug Court

Angela Kazemier
North Kent Guidance Services

Angie Sprank
Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative

Anthony Muller
Wedgwood Christian Services

Bev Shepard
North Kent Guidance Services

Bonnie Steed
Montcalm County Circuit Court Probation Office

Chris Williams
Wedgwood Christian Services

Deb Lautner
North Kent Guidance Services

Debby Ranvine
Montcalm-Ionia United Way

Geoffrey Jones

Haven Rivard

Hugh Rowland

John Bleecker

Jennifer Bouck
Ionia and Montcalm Continuum of Care

John Kroneck
Cherry Street Health Promotion Services

Jim VanderLaan
Community Hope

Julianna Kozara
Montcalm Behavioral Health Center

Karen Bell

Kari Gulvas
Riverhaven Coordinating Agency

Kevin Everingham
Office of Community Corrections

Kim Peterson

Kristi Romashko
Montcalm County Juvenile Court Probation Office

Margaret Durga
Financial Literacy Council

Michele Alexander

Patti Warmington
Cherry Street Health Promotion Services

Rachel Pung
Relief After Violent Encounter

Sandy Murdoch

Serena (Rena) Stewart
North Kent Guidance Services