About Us:

Recovery & Integrated Services of Care (RISC) is an organization that was developed in the fall of 2012 to support individuals and their families in recovery from substance use in Montcalm County. Membership is made up of representatives from the recovery community, the court system, substance use treatment agencies, local churches, and the legal system. Funding to support the organization's efforts is provided by Riverhaven Coordinating Agency.

RISC's mission statement is, "To establish as many pathways as necessary to achieve substance use disorder recovery." In order to support this mission, RISC is organized into four primary areas of focus, which include Coordination of Services and Resources, Community Involvment, Recovery Services, and Resource Mapping. Subcommittees are assigned to address each of the four areas and provide regular updates on the work completed during the monthly RISC meetings.

Four Core Areas

Summary of Core Goal and Objective Statements:

Goal 1: Coordination of Services

  Objective 1: Maintain the Steering Council to Provide Leadership to Montcalm RISC

  Objective 2: Build the Capacity of Montcalm RISC

  Objective 3: Secure our Ability to Seek and Receive Grants (Including the Concept of Becoming a Non-Profit Organization)

Goal 2: Community Involvement

  Objective 1: Implement a Community Awareness (PR) Campaign

  Objective 2: Cultivate Relationships with Grass Roots Recovery People

Goal 3: Recovery Services

  Objective 1: Secure Availability of Transitional Housing for Women

  Objective 2: Develop and Implement an Employment Network Initiative

Goal 4: Resource Mapping

  Objective 1: Resource Mapping Management

  Objective 2: Assure the Resource System to be as User Friendly as Possible