Montcalm County values all members of the community and provides individual and family recovery supports imbedded in employment, housing, public and private services and education.


To establish as many pathways as necessary to achieve substance use disorder recovery.

Origination of the Montcalm County Recovery and Integrated Services of Care Initiative:

Montcalm County is one of six counties in the Riverhaven Substance Use Disorder Coordinating Agency Region (RCA). As a leader in adopting the Recovery Oriented Systems of Care Model (ROSC) promoted by the State of Michigan, RCA engaged in what now is a region wide two year planning project. With a focus on developing a ROSC system in each county, RCA asked the substance use disorder providers to present proposals to introduce ROSC to Montcalm County.

Three provider agencies are included in the current plan: Cherry Street Health Promotion Services, North Kent Guidance Services and Wedgwood Christian Services. Two plans emerged from the agencies. The second plan begins October 1, 2012 with each agency, according to its ability, playing a part in community development and recovery support services. The first plan, creating a strategic plan is the subject of report.

As the project was beginning, the dynamic of integrated services was becoming very important to the recovery work that needs to be done. Once again, RCA took leadership in moving from the Recovery Oriented Systems of Care to integrating their efforts with other necessary services and brought to life the Recovery and Integrated Services Collaborative (RISC) at the regional level. As planning ensued in Montcalm, it was clear that participants were placing a significant emphasis on the need for integrated services. Likewise, Montcalm shifted its focus from ROSC to a Montcalm Recovery & Integrated Services of Care model. Therefore, the reader may associate the Montcalm RISC model with the State emphasis on the ROSC initiative. Also, the term RISC shall be used throughout this document even when referencing activities before the change in emphasis.

In the summer of 2011, participants from Montcalm County participated in an initial brainstorming session to identify what important aspects should be included in a RISC model. In addition, during the winter of 2012, focus groups were held with recovery people and agency providers to add dimension to the original session results. From this information, were developed and submitted to RCA to begin a strategic planning initiative. Identifying a mix of over 20 service providers and people in recovery, the first planning meeting took place on July 17, 2012. This planning team met every other week through September 25, 2012.